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State of the Encyclopedia: SPX 2012 and Beyond


Hello my dear friends. The above graphic indicates a couple of things, chiefly that myself, Liz Suburbia and Matt Czap are going to LARGE at SPX this weeked. Find us at table F5, close to the entrance. We’ll have lots of great stuff for you, including some brand new comics from Liz, but what I’m most excited about is the debut of PUPPYTEETH 3. This is the best thing I’ve ever put together, with the help of the best comics artists I know. I really hope you’ll come by and take a look for yourself, and we’d all love to say hi.

This SPX is kind of like the debutante ball for me, as I’ll be making my first steps on quivering Bambi legs as small time pub/distro Czap Books (website forthcoming). To inaugurate the occasion (purely by chance), I’ll be selling copies of the fantastic, two-time Ignatz Nominated Ojitos Borrosos by Inés Estrada. This book is a knock out, you need it in your life. I’ll have a handful of those for sure (also can be found at the Koyama Press table [J7-10]), and if things shake out I’ll also have some stuff from John G as well. Cool.

The PUPPYTEETH fun continues, since a whole bunch of the contributors are going to be hanging about the Expo as well. Marked in red on the map you’ll find the tables of Mandy Sampson (G11) and L. Nichols (I8). Both will have brand new stuff of their own that you’ll for _sure_ want to grab, including L.’s new book from Retrofit (H11), Flocks vol. 1. Roaming the grounds, you’re also bound to run into Jessi Zabarsky, Eric Kubli, Brandon B. and friend of PUPPYTEETH Geneva Hodgson! I know that Brandon is going to have some cool stuff with him, so seek him out for sure. Off the map above but still very much at SPX will be PUPPYTEETH 3 cover artist Cathy G. Johnson at W63 with table-mates Olivia Horvath and Eel Choy. And how can we forget everyone’s friend, Darryl Ayo, reppin at H12?

Then those yellow tables there (W1-5), right across from us, that’s where the DC Conspiracy will be camping out, and selling copies of the book I’m in, District Comics. They should also have copies of the local paper Magic Bullet, which both Liz and I have contributed to in the past.

All in all, looking to be a hum-dinger, I tell you what? Could there be even more surprises in store? You’ll just have to see, because I don’t know!


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